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In the mood for blue skies and sunshine? We’ve got you covered! Giftun Island are some of the best destination in Hurghada. Whether you’re looking for a mini getaway, a whirlwind of adventure, or a fun family vacation, Giftun Island will give you everything you want.

Our mission

Experience the warm sunshine all year round at Giftun Island. We continue to offer unrivaled experiences to all our visitors. With flawless beach and crystal-clear water, the marine life, snorkeling, and diving are some of the best the Giftun Island has to offer.


A free round-trip hotel transport inside Hurghada hotels. We required that you call us at our local number 01144044035 one day before your trip date.


Enjoy Giftun Island for snorkelers and sunbathers on a 6-hour trip. Put on a mask snorkel and marvel in the turquoise water at the amazing world beneath the waves.


Amuse yourself with many different water activities, enjoy an amazing day trip to Giftun Island. A perfect getaway for swimming, snorkeling  or diving is available as well.


All booking confirmation will be received at time of reservation included services charges and taxes.  Children must be accompanied by an adult. Cancellation at least 2 day(s) in advance.

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Wander around Giftun Island and see its remarkable landscapes and dive or snorkel to spot thousands of species of fish and coral, with a chance to swim with dolphins.

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